Max for Live: AutoFollow device

Within ableton live you can assign different follow actions per clip. However these are not interruptable and if you simply want to play the next clip as soon as the current one is finished you have to set this manually for each clip. The AutoFollow device makes this easier: drag it into a track, enable it and it automatically goes to the next clip. You can exclude looping clips and by unchecking the enable parameter you can interrupt the process. It works for audio and midi clips, warped and unwarped, though it is important to know that it depends on the launch quantization (it will fire the next clip as soon as the playback position…

Max for Live: getwarpmarkers

A big hiatus in the Max for Live API is that you’re not able to retrieve the warpmarkers of a warped audiofile. I made a max external that gives you acces to the warpmarkers (read-only!)  by parsing the .asd file.