Senna: Video online

Finally! A promo video is online for Senna, the videosampling software we made for kids. The video is made by Thijs Albers.

VideoSampling: Dog Test

Here is a little testvideo I made only consisting of youtube videos of dogs. No extra sounds were added, though I must admit that I did use some audio effects to transform the sound.

Digital Wedding Guestbook

For a wedding I facilitated a digital guestbook. It consisted of 3 parts: 1. an application where people could record a personal message/sound for the couple in 6 steps in front of a camera and microphone 2. an application to playback all the messages (including scans of additional written explanations and audio-only recordings) 3. two videosample remixes of all the material

VideoSampling: Royal Welcome

I made this video for palm sunday in church. It consists of various forms of homage found on youtube (no external sound added, it’s all from the movies itself). It was made using a beta version of SenSei (