Digital Wedding Guestbook

For a wedding I facilitated a digital guestbook. It consisted of 3 parts: 1. an application where people could record a personal message/sound for the couple in 6 steps in front of a camera and microphone 2. an application to playback all the messages (including scans of additional written explanations and audio-only recordings) 3. two videosample remixes of all the material

Senna: Videosampling for kids

Playful educational program that enables kids to make music with the videos of their choice. I participated in this project while working for Eboman/Smadsteck. It is completely made with max/msp (but it does include a few custom java externals). I was responsible for the video playback, audio effects, pattern mixing and editing, file loading and sequencing. This setup is installed at ‘De Klankspeeltuin’ in Muziekgebouw aan het IJ (Amsterdam) and it is also touring around schools in the Netherlands.

Interactive Stairs

Together with Hessel Stuut I developed two interactive stairs.   The first one was a prototype  for EeStairs and presented during 100 % design 2009 in Eindhoven. It controlled sound and animations on tv screen connected to it. The second one was the ToonTrap which was part of Hessel’s graduation work for the art academy. Of this last one you can view a demo video:


An example of a simple application that invited participants to interact with the projections. To see the joy in the eyes of the people who were having fun with this was the best reward.

SenS: Videosampling Application

Jeroen Hofs (Eboman) performs with a sensor-suit which is used to control a realtime audiovisual sample composition. For this he uses custom made software made with Max/MSP called SenS. It is used for a variety of performances, from corporate presentations to experimental theatre to popmusic festivals. I started working on this project in 2005 during my internship and I continued working on it after graduating in 2008. My main focus is on the sound effects and how the suit controls the audio and video. You can find more about the software here (including some tasty demo reels!).  Currently we are working on the successor which will feature more interaction, smoother graphics and better overall quality…

Custom video software

Tailor made video applications for use in performances. For example this video playback system created for Leoni Jansen and band which was used for her latest theater concert tour “The Third Road”. It allows one beamer to project on two easily configurable projection areas (a simple form of projection mapping). It can show one video on two screens (the screens act as a mask for the video) or it can show two different videos (the videos are scaled to the available area). This can all be smoothly faded and the system is controlled via midi by the drummer. This system is used in this video (though it’s not so obvious from the camera angle). Another…

Skinfiltr8r: looping with video

I developed a videoloop application for Rik Zutphen (alias Skinfiltr8r) for use in his performances. It features up to 8 synchronized video+audio loops placed freely on the screen. Everything can be controlled with midi controllers

TV Player: Make music with TV’s

During my minor in Media Art at the ArtEZ Instute of Arts in Enschede in 2005 I participated in making an interactive installations where people could make music with tv’s by sampling a short piece of audio with the use of their feet.

Research for Master’s Thesis

For my master’s thesis in applied physics I did optical and acoustical measurements on micrometer sized bubbles which are used for cancer detection and treatment. This was done with a highspeed camera (15 Million frames/second) and a calibrated ultrasonic setup. Two articles published in the Journal of the Acoustical society of America are partly based on this research.