Max/MSP: Video Edit App


I made an application for Australian artist Andrew Newman. This enabled him to automatically edit videofiles based on a textfile and a pool of videos. He used this for his installation “Love Letter by Letter” which was exhibited in the CAST Gallery in Hobart, Australia.

Max/MSP: VT external object


This external for max/msp is a mix between [send]/[receive], [grab] and [value] with some extra functionality. It can be easily voiced and it even improves the communication between different devices in Max4Live.

Mix: FRS-July 2011


A new mix is online! June is skipped, but July tries to make up for that, it’s a building mix, starting quite relaxed and ending energetic.

Eminent: Music & Sounddesign


I made the music and sound fx for the new promo for Eminent E-Domotica.

Mix: FRS-May 2011


Drum and bass!

Rough Cuts updated


I added some tracks to my ongoing rough cuts album project. A few of these are already mentioned on this website and others are new. Check them out here (and download it if you like what you hear):

Awaking Colors: Music


Sander Wildeman and Sander Huisman made a beautiful movie with slow motion shots of instabilities in liquids due to vibration. I made the music for their video.

Mix: FRS-April 2011


A happy and energetic mix to get you through your workdays.

VideoSampling: Royal Welcome


I made this video for palm sunday in church. It consists of various forms of homage found on youtube (no external sound added, it’s all from the movies itself). It was made using a beta version of SenSei (

Wegener: Music & Sounddesign


I did the music and sound fx for a promo about the Weekkrant for Wegener publishing. Thijs Albers did the animation and motion graphics.