Senna: Video online

Finally! A promo video is online for Senna, the videosampling software we made for kids. The video is made by Thijs Albers.

VideoSampling: Dog Test

Here is a little testvideo I made only consisting of youtube videos of dogs. No extra sounds were added, though I must admit that I did use some audio effects to transform the sound.

Arduino: dvd sync

I made a little device that synchronizes +-10 dvd players with infrared remote control messages for Hessel Stuut‘s solo exhibition ‘De Barbaren Komen’. It supports 2 different brands of dvd players and you can easily set the dvd looptime (which is remembered even when the power is disconnected).

Max/MSP: Video Edit App

I made an application for Australian artist Andrew Newman. This enabled him to automatically edit videofiles based on a textfile and a pool of videos. He used this for his installation “Love Letter by Letter” which was exhibited in the CAST Gallery in Hobart, Australia.

Max/MSP: VT external object

This external for max/msp is a mix between [send]/[receive], [grab] and [value] with some extra functionality. It can be easily voiced and it even improves the communication between different devices in Max4Live.

Mix: FRS-July 2011

A new mix is online! June is skipped, but July tries to make up for that, it’s a building mix, starting quite relaxed and ending energetic.

Eminent: Music & Sounddesign

I made the music and sound fx for the new promo for Eminent E-Domotica.

Mix: FRS-May 2011

Drum and bass!

Rough Cuts updated

I added some tracks to my ongoing rough cuts album project. A few of these are already mentioned on this website and others are new. Check them out here (and download it if you like what you hear):

Awaking Colors: Music

Sander Wildeman and Sander Huisman made a beautiful movie with slow motion shots of instabilities in liquids due to vibration. I made the music for their video.