projection mapping on tunnel

Live projection mapping on tunnel during the 2011 christmas eve church service of Crossroads amsterdam.

Nu(l) Twintig – Ambient Drones

I made 3 ambient drones for the documentary “Nu(l) Twintig” by filmmaker Finn Szumlas, cameraman Roel van ‘t Hoff and researchers Karel Smouter en Inger van Nes (PKA).

Syrene: soundscapes

Syrène Saxophone Quartet asked me to make soundscapes for their program about JacobTV on Festival Zwart in Zwolle.

Xsens: Music

I did the music for this informative video for various scientific motion capture products by Xsens.

Mix: FRS-July 2011

A new mix is online! June is skipped, but July tries to make up for that, it’s a building mix, starting quite relaxed and ending energetic.

Eminent: Music & Sounddesign

I made the music and sound fx for the new promo for Eminent E-Domotica.

Mix: FRS-May 2011

Drum and bass!

Rough Cuts updated

I added some tracks to my ongoing rough cuts album project. A few of these are already mentioned on this website and others are new. Check them out here (and download it if you like what you hear):

Awaking Colors: Music

Sander Wildeman and Sander Huisman made a beautiful movie with slow motion shots of instabilities in liquids due to vibration. I made the music for their video.

Mix: FRS-April 2011

A happy and energetic mix to get you through your workdays.