Mix: FRS-July 2011


A new mix is online! June is skipped, but July tries to make up for that, it’s a building mix, starting quite relaxed and ending energetic.

Mix: FRS-May 2011


Drum and bass!

Mix: FRS-April 2011


A happy and energetic mix to get you through your workdays.

Mix: FRS-March 2011


February was late, march is early! This mix features some wonky beats plus some dirty synths and other tunes that are somehow related to hiphop (in feel). I guess it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but its one of the many styles I enjoy 🙂 These mixes also help me to digest new music: I personally really enjoy hearing a compilation of tracks that I already like in a context that I like.

Mix: FRS-February 2011


Just in time! A new installment of this mix/radio series a varied palette of tracks I like (and I hope you will too). Listen streaming via mixcloud, or download it here.

Mix: FRS-January 2011


Yeah I know, it is already february, but I did not post this one here yet. Personally I really like this mix 🙂

Mix: Raw Beats + some garage


a (mega-)mix of a bunch of raw and heavy beats I like and few oldskool uk garage tracks to finish it off