Max for Live: getwarpmarkers

A big hiatus in the Max for Live API is that you’re not able to retrieve the warpmarkers of a warped audiofile. I made a max external that gives you acces to the warpmarkers (read-only!)¬† by parsing the .asd file.

Now it is possible to get the actual position in milliseconds of a file that is warped and playing. Or you can make one file a ‘master’, controlling the tempo of the track. I’ll try to illustrate it soon, but for now I will just give you the external plus a helpfile.

Note: you can only  get the warpmarkers stored in an .asd file. This means that it only reads the default settings of the track and that you need to store these first by pressing the save button of that particular audio clip.

download it here (mac only)

2 Responses to “Max for Live: getwarpmarkers”
  1. a1o1 says:

    Hmm this is really interesting – must dig in more.

    One thing that so many people are requesting is a way to go from Ableton Warp Markers to creating a Traktor BeatGrid (and some people visa versa)

  2. Funk Eater says:

    Will you share your knowledge on how to parse the file and it’s structure?

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