Max for Live: M300 device

With this midi-device you can control a TC Electronic M300 from within Ableton Live. All parameters are accessible and automatable and it will recall your settings when you startup a song with this device in it.

Simply make a new miditrack, drag the device into it, set the correct midi output device and channel and press the ‘save current midiport’ button once and it will remember it from now on. If your setup changes you will have to do this once again, and then all your previous songs work without having to change any settings. (It will give a warning if the port you previously selected is not available).

I always thought that the way the mix and effect balance changed their behavior when you wanted to use only multi fx, only reverb or both was a bit weird. So I tried to make this simpler with an extra mode button. It is also possible to automate the tapping function so you can use a timing relative to the current tempo of your song.

download it here

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