Max for Live: Pod 2 Device

Control and automate your Line 6 Pod 2 from the sequencer Ableton Live. With this device you have way more control and overview than the hardware frontpanel.

It works basically the same way as my TC Electronic M300 device:
Simply make a new miditrack, drag the device into it, set the correct midi output device and channel and press the ‘save current midiport’ button once and it will remember it from now on. If your setup changes you will have to do this once again, and then all your previous songs work without having to change any settings. (It will give a warning if the port you previously selected is not available). You should also set your device to manual mode (simply press the manual button if this is not lighted yet). The only thing you can’t control is the A.I.R. mode, you need to use the switch on the left side of the device.

The midi implementation for this device was really a big puzzle. A lot of parameters are connected and they influence eachother, but I managed to make reproducible presets in the end.
For each amp mode you can load the preset settings for this amp (as if automatic mode was on).
I used the multi-fx section similar to the way you would choose them from the interface, but you will see that Chorus 1 and 2 and Flanger 1 and 2 all share the same engine.
I noticed an issue when changing the delay time, sometimes the Pod can become frozen. I think this is due to a bug by Line 6 (though please tell me if I am wrong somewhere), you better use the tap tempo parameter, you can even automate it so that it stays relatively in time with your song.

This device is part of my idea that to make more use of the stuff I already have they should be easy to edit and recall with my songs.

Let me know if this is useful for you!

download it here

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