M4L: Mutated Macro Oscillator

The Mutated Macro Oscillator is a free max for live instrument which is based on the code behind the Mutable Instruments’ module Braids. This code has been ported to a max external (mac only) and it has been made polyphonic (8 voices) and a filter has been added (designed by Surreal Machines) plus 2 envelopes as modulation sources.







download it here

I suggest to place all the files together in a subdirectory of your user library (no need to split them up).
It is both basic and diverse in what it can do. Ten presets are included to give you a quick start.

This device has been made for EboStudio. In particular for the sounddesign of the theatre piece Steppenwolf.
This device gives you a good taste of what you can expect of the Eurorack module, but keep in mind that it will become a different beast in a patchable hardware context.

Mac OS 10.9 or higher
Ableton Live 9
Max for Live (Max 7.2 or higher)

One user reported clicks and pops when using the filter, this should be fixed now in v1.1 download (apparently the freeze function did not include some files properly, so you had to go open Max, then ‘File’->’show package manager’ and install smFilterPack)

ps: while you are here, please check out a preview of EboStudio’s upcoming set of plugins for Ableton Live which will tightly integrate video with Ableton Live



known issues:
- sometimes a note can get stuck, but it is hard to reproduce. Please send me an email when this happens with information about the circumstances.

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