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Digital Wedding Guestbook

For a wedding I facilitated a digital guestbook. It consisted of 3 parts: 1. an application where people could record a personal message/sound for the couple in 6 steps in front of a camera and microphone 2. an application to playback all the messages (including scans of additional written explanations and audio-only recordings) 3. two videosample remixes of all the material


Senna: Videosampling for kids

Playful educational program that enables kids to make music with the videos of their choice. I participated in this project while working for Eboman/Smadsteck. It is completely made with max/msp (but it does include a few custom java externals). I was responsible for the video playback, audio effects, pattern mixing and editing, file loading and sequencing. This setup is installed at ‘De Klankspeeltuin’ in Muziekgebouw aan het IJ (Amsterdam) and it is also touring around schools in the Netherlands.


Interactive Stairs

Together with Hessel Stuut I developed two interactive stairs.   The first one was a prototype  for EeStairs and presented during 100 % design 2009 in Eindhoven. It controlled sound and animations on tv screen connected to it. The second one was the ToonTrap which was part of Hessel’s graduation work for the art academy. Of this last one you can view a demo video:



An example of a simple application that invited participants to interact with the projections. To see the joy in the eyes of the people who were having fun with this was the best reward.


SenS: Videosampling Application

Jeroen Hofs (Eboman) performs with a sensor-suit which is used to control a realtime audiovisual sample composition. For this he uses custom made software made with Max/MSP called SenS. It is used for a variety of performances, from corporate presentations to experimental theatre to popmusic festivals. I started working on this project in 2005 during my internship and I continued working on it after graduating in 2008. My main focus is on the sound effects and how the suit controls the audio and video. You can find more about the software here (including some tasty demo reels!).  Currently we are working on the successor which will feature more interaction, smoother graphics and better overall quality…


Current Projects

Rough Cut album

Making tracks for the Rough Cut album project

Pitch Detection

Trying out and implementing various pitch detection algorithms in c/c++ for use in Max MSP (initially)

Saxophone & Electronics

Making music and developing an interactive live-set for saxophone and electronics.


working on EboSuite


Eminent: Music & Sounddesign

I made the music and sound fx for the new promo for Eminent E-Domotica.


Mix: FRS-May 2011

Drum and bass!


Rough Cuts updated

I added some tracks to my ongoing rough cuts album project. A few of these are already mentioned on this website and others are new. Check them out here (and download it if you like what you hear):


Awaking Colors: Music

Sander Wildeman and Sander Huisman made a beautiful movie with slow motion shots of instabilities in liquids due to vibration. I made the music for their video.


Mix: FRS-April 2011

A happy and energetic mix to get you through your workdays.


VideoSampling: Royal Welcome

I made this video for palm sunday in church. It consists of various forms of homage found on youtube (no external sound added, it’s all from the movies itself). It was made using a beta version of SenSei (


Wegener: Music & Sounddesign

I did the music and sound fx for a promo about the Weekkrant for Wegener publishing. Thijs Albers did the animation and motion graphics.


new mr. a balladeer remixes

2 remixes I made for mr. a balladeer have been released on his EP Aside.


Mix: FRS-March 2011

February was late, march is early! This mix features some wonky beats plus some dirty synths and other tunes that are somehow related to hiphop (in feel). I guess it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but its one of the many styles I enjoy 🙂 These mixes also help me to digest new music: I personally really enjoy hearing a compilation of tracks that I already like in a context that I like.


Max for Live: Pod 2 Device

Control and automate your Line 6 Pod 2 from the sequencer Ableton Live. With this device you have way more control and overview than the hardware frontpanel.


Mix: FRS-February 2011

Just in time! A new installment of this mix/radio series a varied palette of tracks I like (and I hope you will too). Listen streaming via mixcloud, or download it here.


Max for Live: M300 device

With this midi-device you can control a TC Electronic M300 from within Ableton Live. All parameters are accessible and automatable and it will recall your settings when you startup a song with this device in it.


Mix: FRS-January 2011

Yeah I know, it is already february, but I did not post this one here yet. Personally I really like this mix 🙂


Max for Live: AutoFollow device

Within ableton live you can assign different follow actions per clip. However these are not interruptable and if you simply want to play the next clip as soon as the current one is finished you have to set this manually for each clip. The AutoFollow device makes this easier: drag it into a track, enable it and it automatically goes to the next clip. You can exclude looping clips and by unchecking the enable parameter you can interrupt the process. It works for audio and midi clips, warped and unwarped, though it is important to know that it depends on the launch quantization (it will fire the next clip as soon as the playback position…


Max for Live: getwarpmarkers

A big hiatus in the Max for Live API is that you’re not able to retrieve the warpmarkers of a warped audiofile. I made a max external that gives you acces to the warpmarkers (read-only!)  by parsing the .asd file.


Mix: Raw Beats + some garage

a (mega-)mix of a bunch of raw and heavy beats I like and few oldskool uk garage tracks to finish it off