DIY eurorack modular projects

The last few years I have been diving into eurorack modular (diy only). I started making my own modules and now I have quite a bunch of them available as pcb/panel sets. all the info regarding the current available projects can be found here in this Google Sheet if there is something new or interesting it will probably be first posted on my instagram

M4L: Mutated Texturizer

The MutatedTexturizer and the MutatedTexturizerAlt are free max for live plugins based on the firmware for the eurorack module Clouds by Mutable Instruments. MutatedTexturizer is based on the stock firmware by Émilie Gillet, MutatedTexturizerAlt is based on the Parasites software which includes additions by Matthias Puech (Émilie and Matthias gave their permission to share this with you, but they are not involved in the port itself)

M4L: Mutated Macro Oscillator

The Mutated Macro Oscillator is a free max for live instrument which is based on the code behind the Mutable Instruments’ module Braids. This code has been ported to a max external (mac only) and it has been made polyphonic (8 voices) and a filter has been added (designed by Surreal Machines) plus 2 envelopes as modulation sources.

Max/MSP: grainstretch~

Flexible realtime timestretching and pitchshifting with a granular engine in Max/MSP. With this external you can expand your max toolkit for natural and experimental playback. It incorporates the algorithm used by Mattijs Kneppers in his granular stretcher patch and adds a load of extra options and features.

projection mapping on tunnel

Live projection mapping on tunnel during the 2011 christmas eve church service of Crossroads amsterdam.

new article published in JASA

I am co-author of a new article in the Journal of Acoustical Society of America. This is the second JASA article which is for a part based on the research for my Master’s Thesis

Max/MSP: diracLE~

High quality timestretching and pitchshifting external with autotune option for Max/MSP. The package includes 3 Max for Live devices as well.

Nu(l) Twintig – Ambient Drones

I made 3 ambient drones for the documentary “Nu(l) Twintig” by filmmaker Finn Szumlas, cameraman Roel van ‘t Hoff and researchers Karel Smouter en Inger van Nes (PKA).

Syrene: soundscapes

Syrène Saxophone Quartet asked me to make soundscapes for their program about JacobTV on Festival Zwart in Zwolle.

Xsens: Music

I did the music for this informative video for various scientific motion capture products by Xsens.